Tuesday, January 21, 2014

5 Little Blessings

In the last 48 hours Peanut has taught me so much without even meaning to!

She's taught me:

1. Just because you're sucking your toes doesn't mean you have bad hygiene! Peanut hasn't sucked her toes in a few years and so when I walked down the hallway yesterday and spotted her sucking on her big toe while watching Caillou on YouTube I was shocked into the giggles. At first I thought that she was biting her toe nails (she doesn't do that either so don't ask me why I thought that) and then noticed that she was sucking her toes and concentrating on her show. She never even noticed when I snapped the picture.

2. It's always the right time to act like a duck!! I know, who would have thought it right? But, seriously. Daddy and I were attempting to eat our lunch and there's Peanut watching Caillou (still on my computer) right next to us. Daddy and I were irritated because Monday was not going well at all and a simple lighting project had turned into a giant wiring project that took over two rooms and the front porch! Suddenly, she paused Caillou and hopped off of the computer. Soberly looking at Daddy she announced, "I want to show you something." Of course he asked her what. Without warning she started waddling and quacking (very loudly I might add) just like a duck. There was nothing to do but laugh and relax a bit.

3. If you can't beat them do exactly what they want but glare at them the whole time. OK, maybe not the best thing for her to teach me (or for her to be doing). BUT, for the last two nights she's cleared her plate at dinner! Even the salad! However, she doesn't like eating all of her dinner as she's kind of picky and she glared at Daddy, and sometimes me, while doing so. We're pretty tough skinned so it really didn't bother us. And for the first time in almost two years she cleaned her dinner plate not just once but twice!

4. She reminded me just how comforting sleepy snuggles can be. For a few years now she's crawled into the bed with Daddy and I almost every night at some point during the night. She did so again last night. With a contented sigh she snuggled close and told me, "I just need to warm up and snuggle and then I go back to bed." With that said she proceeded to snuggle up to me really closely to get warm again (she'd thrown her blankets off in her sleep) and drift off to sleep for about an hour before she went back to her own bed. I woke up with my alarm this morning only to find myself slightly chilled and still sleepy. So, I rolled over and snuggled Daddy to get warm and drifted back to sleep for about two hours! I woke up warm, content, and fully rested!

5. Last but not least, she reminded me that God loves us all because he loves our hearts. After our Bible lessons this morning she showed me the heart she'd made in her play dough for God. Smiling at me she said, "God loves it Mommy. Do you know why?" Curious as to what she'd say I shook my head at her and smiled. "'Cuz, Mommy, God loves all of our hearts. Even the sad people who don't love Him." Yes, my brilliant little 5 year old who still wasn't 100% awake and who in less than five minutes from that time would have a minor meltdown because she'd forgotten how to make play dough cakes, hit the nail right on the head. A gentle reminder given through the mouth of a babe that no matter what else is going on in our lives God loves us.

I've been angry and frustrated since the Friday before last when we awoke to what became clear was a break in attempt. I'd been grumpy and emotional, irritable and furious, I wasn't just angry at the would be intruder ... I was angry at God. I've spoken to my husband about it, I've calmed down a bit, but I was worried about that feeling. Until this morning. After Peanut showed me that little yellow heart I took a private moment and apologized to Him for being angry and thanked him for loving me through it.

These five little blessings given to me by my little five year old daughter have eased my mind and my heart. It's OK to be silly, it's wonderful to cuddle, sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do but you don't have to like it, it's OK to be different, and (the most important one) God loves us.

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