Friday, September 26, 2014

Whew! What a Week!!

It always surprises me when I go through the pictures at the end of the week just how much stuff we've actually done throughout the week! I think when you see them all you'll be surprised as well!

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday we did lessons (2 days worth on Thursday) and spent a TON of time outside. Wednesday we spent the entire day with Noni!!! Here's pictures from those four days, some of them I'll even caption ;-) hehe!

This was Peanut Sunday/Monday night :-)

Monday's nature study begins :-)

Mommy running up the hill to catch Peanut!

Us standing at the top of the hill

That's one big hill! Same picture as above only Daddy didn't zoom in!

This stump was holding water...

View that Peanut was looking
down on

ECJ showing Peanut Daddy's "find"

Nature journals and drawing/labeling going on as a group!

Recess time Tuesday

Peanut (and later I) slept on the couch most of Tuesday night because
she wasn't feeling very well (she was better by morning).
Peanut "grooming" the dogs Wed. morning

Posing in her new outfit from and auntie :-)

He's posing on top
of that lion drinking fountain!

She wasn't sure she liked the chipmunk "ride"

Sitting side saddle due to her skirt (her idea at that :-) ... makes me one proud Mamma)

Even though it wasn't near hot enough for the splash pad at the park with Noni
ECJ found the button to turn it all on...
they ran around "avoiding" (kinda) the water for about an hour!!

Thursday afternoon we did two days worth of lessons and this
is how the girls did them (side by side)
most of the time!

 Whew! See what I mean? So, now it's Thursday afternoon and we've got a bunch to do around here. We're showing the house twice this afternoon, we have to make (and eat) supper, then drive about an hour away to pick up the trailer we'll own which we'll be moving with! Obviously I won't have time this evening to write anything else and I'll be super busy tomorrow too as that's the day we begin to pack and we'll be doing our final lessons for 2 whole weeks!! So, for now there's no update for Friday.

Things I crocheted this past week: (though I've worked on more that's not done lol)
First ever "big" bear... stands about ten inches tall toe to head
I did mess the leg positioning up a bit but since I'm keeping it (was practicing the head for a lovey
I'm making and decided to make the bear for myself) the legs don't bother me...
She'll eventually have a face lol

YCJ's cat ear headband for her Halloween costume this year...
she wants to be a black cat with one white ear and a white tipped tail
so sometime tomorrow I'm working on her tail!!

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  1. The boys and I found that splash pad/ playground earlier this summer and we LOVE it!! I love your bear and the "wonky" legs give it character :) I had been on the hunt for safety eyes for the softies/lovey and finally found JoAnn's carries them if your interested. Looks like you all have a great start towards your next 1000 Hours Outside.

    1. That splash pad is really very cool! Thanks, I think the bear has character too. I embroider eyes and facial characters on most stuffies and dolls so I don't use the safety eyes.... But, it is a good thing to know who carries them, thanks!

      Yeah, we're starting out pretty well ,,,, My legs and back remind me every day ;-)

  2. that cat head band is well done. Must be neat to be able to crochet so well. :)

    1. Thank you very much! It was my own pattern and I am very pleased with it. I've been crocheting for over half my life and am now teaching all of my children (even Daddy wants to learn after we move). It's kind of like my therapy, the house is mostly clean, the kids are in bed, and I finally get to unwind with a hook and some yarn. :)

  3. I love all your photos! It looks like a very busy week.

    1. LOL it sure was! Even busier this week even though we've suspended lessons for the next two weeks. Sorting, donating, packing, tossing, building extra sides on the trailer we bought so we can move ...not to mention 5 family visits in all of that! We're going to be busy beavers :-) And thanks for saying how you like our photos I'm rather partial myself

  4. Oh I do so envy how much time you guys spend outdoors! YCJ's ears are adorable! I included your blog in my list of favorite homeschooling blogs posting tomorrow!

    1. OH MY! Thank you! I really appreciate that! We love how much time we've been getting outdoors lately and are looking forward to even more outside time now that we're moving south again (before the snow flies lol). I'm making at least one element of each child's outfit this year for Halloween. YCJ's tail is now done too, I have to make some pom pom bracelets for Peanut's chearleading outfit, and a bloody brain hat for ECJ's zombie costume lol

  5. Looks like a wonderful week! Being outside is so important for kids. I struggle making time to get outside at times. Today we began our day with art outside. The end result... Awesome day!

    1. Getting outside is ever so important for kids (adults too). If you go to the 1000 Hours Outside blog and read why they decided to start the challenge you'll understand why getting outside is a priority for us. We never did allow much TV in the house but it's gotten less and less over the last year. Art outside is always fun ... I love doing lessons outside!!