Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our Time Outside: September 14

This is our September outside post. We take part in the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge and this is our second year! (We're a little over two weeks into this year's challenge and are close to 60 hours outside!) Each month I'll be doing a recap of our outside time with basically this same format. A ton of pictures, a little writing, and then our new total for the year at the bottom. So, even though there's only 3 days into this new week and I'm not adding those hours in just yet here's out total for the new year of the challenge!!!!!

Year to date total outside hours: 57.75 hours!!! (two weeks in! That makes our average for each week so far: 28.9 *rounded up* hours)

And for those of you who have yet to look us up on Facebook you can find us there by following this link . As yet it is the only social media account we can be found at.

** We'll be trying to do Pinterest, G+, and Twitter after the move! Be on the lookout for updates! But in the meantime you'll always find us here and on Facebook **

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