Friday, September 12, 2014

First Week "Back"

This has been one of those interesting, first week of the new school year, life gets messy, kind of weeks.

Monday I didn't have to work and it was our first day back to fall lessons. I'd purposely made the first half of this week lesson light so that there wouldn't be any arguments or fussing when it was time to do school so it ended up being even lighter than our summer lessons. We only did our Spelling You See lessons and our new math lessons (well, of course our Bible studies were in there but we never skip those). For Spelling You See the girls are both doing the Jack and Jill level together and ECJ is going to work through the entirety of the level that we helped test before it's general release (it's not available yet for purchase). The Cracker Jacks are working on Saxon math for the first time and Peanut cracked her first grade McGruffy math book. Here's a photo explosion of our first day...

Yeah... that was pretty much our day in pictures... We did some binder and folder decorating after our lessons, plus some wall decorations for fall. Took a trip to a beach side park about half an hour or so from the house (where of course they had to feel how chilly the water was). After a kid crafting explosion, during which Peanut either colored or hid under our round coffee table, we had a supper of hot dogs and mac and cheese. It was a really good day.

Tuesday lessons got finished before I went into work for the day and everyone had a relaxed day after Mommy left as the only thing they had left on their schedules to do was pray the rosary and watch a few of the next episodes of Liberty Kids (I picked up the entire series, 40 episodes, for $5 at WalMart on the 3rd).

On Wednesday we'd planned on doing lessons but slept over just a bit and by the time chores, prayers, breakfast, and personal hygiene issues were taken care of Noni got here! So, it was off to the first stop of the day. We'd been aiming for Chuckie Cheese and ended up at Bounce and Play because they'd taken over Chuckie's old place in the mall. I wasn't impressed at the prices, games, or bounce houses but the kids enjoyed themselves...

Then we stopped into a candy store at the mall where we saw this:

It's a 28 pound gummy python that costs $150 to order!!! There were other large gummies there as well but this one caught the campers attention. ECJ also got himself a banana flavored sucker with a scorpion (no stinger) encased inside *shudderEWshudder*. After which we went over to Toys R Us where the children picked out a few early birthday gifts and un-birthday treats and then headed home for an early celebration with cake for Peanut since Noni has to work this weekend when Peanut turns 6...

So, then we came to Thursday... the anniversary of 9/11/11. We meant to do our regular lessons this day as well but ended up talking more about what happened 13 years ago instead. Which was just fine with us. I won't get up on my soap box and talk on and on about why we think it is important that our children, who didn't see the event first hand, know all about this event ... Let's just leave it that we thought it important enough to spend the entire day on it.

And now it's Friday and we'll be finishing up this week's lessons today. The plan is a nature walk this afternoon if the weather holds, I'll be breaking out the jackets because it's supposed to only reach 60* today (last week at this time it was 90*!). After which I'll be dedicating a lot of time working on my crochet. I have several Christmas orders to finish, a few projects I'm doing for stitch-a-longs, and Christmas gifts for family. I know that I won't get them all finished this weekend but I also have a few small things I need to make for Halloween to finish up some costumes. In other words I'm going to be hugely busy this weekend stitching.

Here's the start of one of the lovies I'm finishing up today...
Here's a link to a bunch of lovies on Pinterest which will show you basically what these are if you didn't know... crochet lovies

Since I didn't post earlier this week here's a shot of Moragon "playing" with her new toy:

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  1. I have a love hate relationship with the switch to fall learning. I love it but hate that the kids and I have to work out new routines for who works with mom when. Are you liking spelling you see? It looks neat and we love Math U See.

    1. We're really loving Spelling You See!! There are no tests so there's no stress and it's based largely on copy work that you finish in 15 minutes or less! Even YCJ with her dyslexia isn't complaining about it. Oh this switch to fall schedule drives me batty every year LOL but we get back into it pretty quickly

  2. sounds like you had a lovely week overall. Good to stop by for a moment. :)

    1. Thank you for stopping in! It was a pretty good week :-)

  3. I one time ate chocolate covered ants. Those were pretty good and I would gladly eat them again. It basically crunchy chocolate. I also ate a chocolate covered grasshopper. That I wouldn't repeat.

    1. ECJ said that the scorpion would have been better in a cherry sucker but that he'll never eat the cricket or worm suckers LOL ... he's my adventurous eater. I shudder at the very thought

  4. Jeremiah has gotten the same Lollipop! He thought the scorpion tasted like chocolate! I can't even imagine why anyone would want a giant gummy snake, but I'm sure it was exciting to see!

    1. LOL not sure if I could think of it as chocolate but that would sure make it taste better