Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just Another Week in ....

This week had it's ups and downs ... they're not ones the children really knew about and we'll be sharing a lot about them next week so you'll just have to wait in suspense! Other than that this was "Just Another Week in Paradise" (though paradise is not what I call it around here lol).

Monday and Tuesday we had regular scheduled programming around here! Here's some photos of what our lessons looked like:
YCJ saying her rosary while ECJ reads from his prayer book (YCJ has several rosaries,
currently her bracelet that holds one decade is her favorite to use.)

ECJ reading a Bible story to the girls by the sunshine coming through our side window!
Wednesday we took an impromptu trip to Gaga and Papa's house where Daddy and the campers toiled in the soil pulling weeds and replanting shrubs (Papa was nice enough to pay the campers for their work). Meanwhile Gaga and I were busy inside trading family gossip and working on a gift for my mother (Gaga has much finer hand sewn stitches than I and helped me with some finishing touches.) Later we had neighbors over for BBQ.
It's a catch all bag she can use at work in the hospital and wash as needed.

Thursday we did both Wednesday and Thursday's lessons. Plus we managed to get a nature walk, journal, and drawing session in as well!!
Cracker Jacks watching CNN Student news together.

Gathering hay bits on our nature walk

The ever camera shy Daddy :-)

Snail we found on nature walk
that Peanut spotted first.

Other side of snail.

So, that brings us to Friday... And as I'm finishing writing this up Thursday evening Friday hasn't happened yet. But, we have a full day of lessons planned including some work with our musical instruments and some videos on the production and uses of hay. And of course we plan to get outside one heck of a lot more again tomorrow!!! (And I have about a billion things to work on crochet wise alone one of which is repairing a 75 year old afghan for a family/friend *gulp*.)

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  1. Love the catch-all bag! I have had to set my knitting aside for now as my hands and wrists heal from tendonitis. I was in the process of knitting a reusable mesh bags when I hurt my hands. There's something awesome about being creative, huh?

    1. I love being creative! It is my therapy for so many things. Those days when my arthritis or the cyst on my tendon near my thumb are bothering me too much I'm such a crank! I am so sorry to hear that you've had to put your knitting up. I haven't knitted in over a year but I do know how ... I'm just much faster and better at crochet than I am at knitting LOL

  2. I love that you were able to spend so much time outside! I'm jealous! The bag is lovely and such a great idea. I think this is the first time I've ever seen the daddy of the campers!

    1. We love being able to get outside some weeks it's more than others but we try to get out every week. Thank you for the compliment on the bag. And.... LOL there's been a total of 3 photos of Daddy on here in a little over a year I think (he's very camera shy)

  3. Hey Chrystal,

    Thanks so much for sharing about your week! It looks like you guys had a really productive week!