Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spelling You See, Review Before the Review

We were very lucky this year to not only be allowed to use ECJ as a guinea pig for a new level of Spelling You See ... but also to be given two free copies of the Jack and Jill level to review for my girls!!

** Although I was given these products for free that in no way turns my head in one direction or the other. My opinion is my own honest opinion. If it works for us I'll let you know. If it doesn't work for us, again I'll let you know. Other than receiving the materials I have been in no way compensated for these reviews. **

We received ECJ's materials during the summer time and it was the first time ever that he's been excited about spelling!! I mean this boy does his spelling with absolutely no issue and first thing in the morning without having to be reminded. I cannot show the actual pages of it since it's just a trial version and they haven't finished it all up yet and I signed some legal documents stating such. But, we can say that he's really enjoying it still, is actually learning, AND has even picked up the dictionary several times on his own to look up new words!!! Having tried this out with him got me even more interested in the other levels.
That's him working on it there. We set it all in a red binder (remember these are not pre packaged books since this is still in the beginning stages) and he knows that only his spelling goes in there.

As for the girls we are using the Jack and Jill level for both girls. I wanted to start YCJ out with something that wouldn't intimidate her with her dyslexia. This level is working perfectly for both of them at the moment. We do it together first thing and yes YCJ finishes before Peanut since she's got more practice writing but I'm noticing a marked improvement in her spelling even though we're only in the third week with the program with the girls. YCJ may even be able to do another level at the end of this school year and through the summer at this rate... But, I'm getting ahead of myself.
This is the page they were working on Tuesday morning...
they do both pages each day.
 And while neither girl shows as much enthusiasm for it as their older brother, they both do it without complaint and have yet to make a mistake on any of the pages (unless you count Peanut's tendencies to sometimes write a letter backwards but since I'm watching and know what word she's writing I know that she's got the right answer). 

Sometimes it's better to do school as a princess...

YCJ is thrilled with the fact that there are no tests with this spelling program. She says that it takes all the worry right out of the work!

So far this program is working for all three campers! I'll update you in a month to let you know how things are going!

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