Friday, August 29, 2014

Review Testing

OK, so this week we had planned to do a full five days worth of school and then allow the children to have no work (other than daily reading and Bible studies which happen every day no matter what day it is) from Sat. 8/30 - Sun. 9/7 and start back to our fall lessons on 9/8... 

Instead, we didn't do any lessons on Monday preferring to take the day off as Noni came earlier in the morning than usual to visit. She brought the rest of our text books for September! Then we went to two different stores and picked up a few essentials: Melatonin, two work shirts for me, new shoes for Peanut (who was the only one who didn't have tennis shoes that fit anymore), and then she purchased a pair each for the Cracker Jack's though they really didn't need them. After all of that we brought some lunch home and ate while chatting and talking about all of the wonderful gifts that the children won from the summer reading program... ECJ received a gift card to Best Buy, and both girls got gift certificates to McDonald's, Subway, Hungry Howies Pizza, and another local pizza place!! September just may show that we have lunch or supper out more than normal due to these gift certificates.

Tuesday we decided to give the campers one more day off of lessons. After much discussion we'd decided that three days of review testing this week and two next week would still give the campers ample time off before our fall lessons begin and would allow for less complaining to happen on 9/8 when we do start those lessons. I had to work for a few hours this day, but once I got home I was able to finish the baby outfit set that I'll be shipping off in a few days time!

Wednesday we did our lessons again. I didn't have to work until 1 PM so I was able to get to teach the children again this day! I'd forgotten how much fun it could be to teach Peanut who can make even the simplest thing into an exercise in trying not to laugh!!!

That face that Peanut is making happened while she was working on her math workbook that she started several months ago, it's first grade math and she's been doing awesome at it! ECJ has been practicing his oral reading skills while reading the test questions and multiple choice answers for YCJ before heading off to do his own lessons (the picture of him with that red binder is him working on his spelling work right before I left for work). And I managed to snap a picture of YCJ reciting her rosary in her room without her noticing! After I got home later that day we went for a walk in the cooling air and then played outside for about two hours.

Thursday I had to work again, but earlier in the day. So, Daddy did the days lessons with the campers, telling me later that Peanut finished her lessons in just 40 minutes and had informed him, "That was easy!"...

 We spent a few hours outside with the campers playing on the teeter totter or taking turns on the scooter, teaching Peanut to ride the scooter or playing basketball, running around like mad people with the neighbors playing keep away or playing battle on a planet only they know about. It was almost exhausting to watch but it was very fun and they sure enjoyed themselves! The temperature was in the high 70s when we'd headed outside and it made for all of us to be very comfortable while we were out there.

Daddy BBQ'ed some steaks for a not often had red meat supper and also made some baked potatoes on the grill. I rounded out the meal with some green beans and some refrigerator bread and butter pickles. 

So, now it's Friday and once again I need to go to work. As I'm typing this the girls are playing quietly, ECJ is working on his lessons in an attempt to get them finished before Daddy gets back from taking the neighbor to the doctor's office, and Peanut's birds are welcoming all the outside birds to our driveway through loud chirping through the bedroom window. Daddy had told me he would do the lessons with the girls once he got home so that I could put the finishing touches on this post before heading off to work. We may both end up being gone for about an hour, but ECJ is more than capable of watching the girls for that length of time and he has his cell phone and the neighbor to call upon if something were to happen since it will take about ten minutes for me to get back from work in an emergency. Depending on the weather when I get home from work I may just take the campers on a nature walk this evening to see what we can see.

I've only had 1 day off of work in the last ten and I must work tomorrow as well. We don't yet know the schedule after that point and it could very well be that I'll be working until next Wednesday which is a scheduled day off for me due to my needing to have my final check up after my surgery earlier this month! I'm fine with all of that. We've been super busy but we're all adjusting very well to it all.

I need to make a prayer request for any of y'all that are so inclined. One of the campers we don't see often is in the hospital with an obstructed bowel. She's 12 years old (almost 13) and is in great discomfort. If you could spare a moment of time to pray for her quick recovery we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

And since some of you enjoy the random dog pictures so much I thought that I'd include this one of Moragon.

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  1. We are dealing with the same thing with Ian. Our support teacher is contemplating him skipping K and going directly to grade 1. I think it is the right decision but we are still thinking it through. Philip had a blocked bowel that required surgery to fix. We will keep your camper in our prayers.

    1. Thank you for the prayers, we've no good news to report yet but no more bad news. ECJ had done the same thing so that when he entered public school K they wanted to skip him up a grade but he was so short that we decided not to. Since bringing him home from public school he's been learning at an advanced rate again. Peanut seems to be working at the advanced rate as well. YCJ does awesome in math and yet her dyslexia makes english like a third language instead of a first. I love that homeschooling allows us the freedoms of doing what is best for each one of our children.

  2. What an adorable baby outfit you've made! Your children seem lovely. I will definitely keep your camper in my prayers.

    1. Thank you for the prayers and the compliments :-) I appreciate them all

  3. I'm glad your campers are taking advantage of our few last summer days to play outside! I'm also glad you are recovering nicely from your surgery! I'll be praying for your other camper who is having bowel issues.

    1. Thank you, Sylvia. Only a handful of days before fall are left