Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hectic Days

I meant to have this post done by Friday morning, but as the title suggests we've had some hectic days around here...

Sunday we spent some wonderful time at two different parks in the area. One we'd never been to before and the other we have been going to pretty regularly since we found it earlier this summer. Here are some photos from the "new to us" park...

As you can tell they completely enjoyed themselves the whole time we were there. They also enjoyed the other park but I figured we'd show these photos off since y'all have seen several of them at the other park.

Monday and Tuesday were both pretty laid back. We did our lessons in the regular hour to hour and a half for our summer review (which we do every August) and spent the rest of our days doing anything else that we felt like doing. Meaning that I was able to finish a gift for a family member who will be receiving it this Christmas!! (They don't read the blog so it's safe for me to post it here.) And that we were able to hit another park in the afternoon!!

Wednesday I went into work for a few hours and Daddy did the lessons for the day with the campers. He reported to me later that the day had gone very well and as I checked over the lessons the campers had indeed done very well on their lessons.

Thursday I again had to work, but this time only for two hours for the orientation meeting with the entire crew. While I was gone Daddy had to call in the plumber because all of our pipes began backing up. So, we did our lessons that afternoon and went to an event two towns north of us. But, I had very little work left to do to finish up part of an order I need to get out soon so I finished it up after the campers went to bed...
This newborn baby dress has three buttons to close around the back of the neck
and was purposely made to fit up to three months of age...
Friday morning Mommy was tired when the alarm went off and I almost threw the phone when the alarm went off! Yet, instead I got up to pull the first "really" full shift of my new job. We had 2 trucks worth of merchandise to unload that amounted to somewhere around 10,000 small boxes that had to be put all over the store! Needless to say by the time I got home I was hot, sweaty, exhausted, and muscles I'd forgotten I had were screaming at me. Daddy was awesome in having the campers lessons done, taking them to the park for an hour or two, he also cooked dinner, handled desert, and got them all off to bed with very little help from me. I did take about an hour and work on another part of the same order...
Matching baby bonnet before I added the ties...
And while I know I hardly ever carry things on into Saturday I simply must put in that I worked again today. My body seems to be beginning to adjust so that I'm not as tired after work and I'm taking great pride in watching the new store come together so well. It seems like we've got a handle on things so far when it comes to getting all the lessons finished, everything around the house done, and I'm still able to crochet and blog (although, I am a bit late with this week's wrap up). I'm sure as we go through the next few weeks we'll get the rhythm down rather quickly and it'll be second nature to have everything coming at us from so many different directions.

** ECJ won a prize in our library's summer reading program drawing today! We won't find out what it was until Monday since I was at work when the phone call came in (we haven't even told him yet since he'll go crazy trying to guess and the library isn't open tomorrow). **

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Random doggy picture for your enjoyment :-)


  1. I'm tired just reading your! Adding work on top of everything is so hard. Praying you can all adjust swiftly and balance the new load. The crocheting is adorable!

    1. After I had written it all out and reread it I yawned and felt sooo tired! I hadn't realized how much we'd gotten done! We're getting it down though I'll be happen when we have it all figured out. Thank you for the complement on the crochet! I hope the lady who ordered it likes it just as much!!

  2. Wow. I hope the schedule continues to work for you. Adorable kids and doggies :-)

    1. Thank you! :-) They're all my prides and joys (along with the cats lol) ... I'm hoping things get easier with this schedule

  3. You are one ambitious and hard working lady! Looks like the kids had a lot of fun at the park. Hopefully your Underused muscles will grow accustomed to being used again soon! Beautiful crochet work!

    1. Thank you for all of the lovely compliments! My muscles seem to be doing a lot better now that I've been working several days. I've had exactly 1 day off in the last ten and it's another 3 days before I "may possibly" get another day off!! But, I'm loving it :-)