Monday, August 18, 2014

14/15 Student Photos

Another week at I Homeschool Network's "Not back to school blog hop"!!! And this week's it's student photo week! I always try to think of different ways to showcase my children in these types of photos, I hope I did them justice this year!

ECJ was sporting one of his favorite (can you tell by all the stains?) yellow shirts and running off a bit of energy at a park we'd never been to before. He'll be starting 7th grade this fall and couldn't be more excited about it! He's already trying to push some subjects into 8th grade as "I'm sure I can do it, Mom" keeps being his favorite new refrain. His favorite subjects are English, math, and science. His goal in life is to become a preacher who does scientific work all while designing video games. In the meantime he spends his time reading, practicing his skateboarding and accrobatics, and generally annoying his little sisters.

 YCJ chose one of her more comfortable shirts for a day of play and thrilled in discovering places to be goofy all day long. She's heading on in to 4th grade this fall and is beginning to dread spelling lessons resuming, though she's somewhat excited to be trying a new curriculum for it. She loves math and science along with art, and is constantly trying a new experiment or craft. She's determined that she'll do some sort of work from "home" when she grows up, "home" being a hotel that has room service, maids, a gym, and a pool. Logically she figured that she'd only really have one bill to pay this way, her meals would be there if she wanted to eat in, her room would always be clean, and she wouldn't have to worry about going anywhere if she wanted to workout or go for a swim. I love her logic (and if I had thought of it when I was younger I might have had the same plan).

 Peanut of course had to wear pink, there's hardly a day goes by that she doesn't have her favorite color on. Having completed both pre-school and Kindergarten in the past year she's more than excited to be moving on to 1st grade (where has the time gone?). Right now her favorite subjects are art and math, because as she tells me, "I get it". Her plans for the future include lots of children and pets as well as living with us forever! Isn't it sweet that this is part of their plans at this age? Her main goal for the year is to get a drum set as the empty coffee cans are simply no longer cutting it for her.

 As you can tell these campers are enjoying the last few weeks of summer and were more than happy to pose for the camera after a few weeks of it being "shelved". With that being the case I'll leave you with just a few more shots of them...

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