Friday, August 15, 2014

Recovery and Randomness

Wow! I actually didn't post a weekly wrap up last week! That's the first one I've missed in a good while. Of course most of you know already that's because I had surgery last Tuesday and have been spending most of the time since recovering.

The surgery went well with no complications other than having to have some stitches repaired at the doctor's office at the one week check up. I spent most of Wednesday afternoon and evening sleeping once I got back home and did pretty much the same all day Thursday. Friday was a good day to get up and begin moving around some and by Saturday I was completely stir crazy so we went to see the Brig Niagara one town away where it was docked at the river for the week..

Needless to say I overdid it a bit on Saturday but completely enjoyed myself. Sunday truly did end up being a day of rest for me.

Monday Daddy began having the campers work on their preplanned review lessons and did a wonderful job! It was pouring that afternoon when I got home from the doctors and as the night wore on we found out that about 70 miles away, where most of our family is located, the expressways were flooding! Not only were the expressways flooding but so were surface streets, basements, and houses! Grandma and Papa's basement is still drying out and one of the Aunties is as well. Some expressways had nearly 14 feet of water in some spots! Cars, trucks, vans, you name it were all under water... It was really very scary. They informed us on the news Tuesday that it was the kind of rain that comes along about once every 100 years and that it's been nearly that long since the last time it happened...

Tuesday it was still raining so we took the day off due to having a case of the "blahs". We all agreed that we'd simply do our lessons a day behind and catch up on Saturday, which really isn't all that unusual for us.

We've done some lessons...

OH!! And I survived my first job interview in eight years and got a new job!! Our little town is getting a brand new Dollar Tree and I've been "invited" to work there! I'll begin in another week or so when the builders hand the store over to the manager and we can begin stocking. By then I'll have no more restrictions on activities from the doctor and can really put my all into the job.

We'll of course still be homeschooling. So between the new job, lessons, keeping up with my crochet orders (and Christmas gifts), blogging, and life I'm going to be one busy mamma!! One thing I know for certain is that we'll figure out the schedule pretty quickly once we get started. Between myself, Daddy, and ECJ the girls will still get their lessons done pretty easily during "normal" school hours and ECJ tends to do his lessons in between other things all day long as it is (chores, items he chooses to do for the neighbors, helping his sisters and us, etc..). He finds these "breaks" energizing for his brain... Or so he tells me lol

Not many pictures this week I know, but then for most of the time I've been in bed and the children have spent much of the time outside... More pictures next week I promise!

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  1. I'm so glad your surgery went well and you are out and about already! I never did see any updates on FB, but please know that I was praying! Wow! You are going to be one busy Mama.! Congrats on the new job!

    1. Thank you! Both Daddy and I posted updates on FB at the Homeschool Camper page several times but it seems as though FB is doing it's usual "not going to show everyone everything" thing. I appreciate all of the prayers!

  2. Congrats on the job!! But Dollar Tree... oh that would be dangerous for me! I'd have to sign over my paycheck every week! :)

    1. I'm a bit worried about spending my entire check there each week myself, but I'm sure I'll find a balance quick enough. I'm glad it's going to be really close to home and that instead of running about 20 minutes away to the nearest one it'll take only moments and I can honestly say, "It can wait until I go to work..." LOL

  3. We have been away all week on vacation to the Rockies so I missed any Facebook updates. I am glad that your surgery went well and you are already well on your way to recovery. I like the pictures of the ship.

    1. OH I absolutely adore the Rockies!! I used to live in Boise (ECJ was actually born out there) and it was one of my favorite things to wake up to the view of the mountains. Thank you for the well wishes and I'm almost back to "normal" now (as normal as I ever get anyway lol) by the time my first day of work comes I should be 100%. That ship was just awesome to me... of course the kids got a kick out of it too