Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Runaway Robot!

Well, we did manage to get two items checked off of our Winter Bucket List during our break week. I didn't get pictures of the first one, unfortunately, because I was too busy trying to keep my balance on the ice. That's right, we went out onto the frozen lake for a walk (#1 on the list)! We were scared to wait much longer because even though we're due for another several inches of snow (overnight tonight and into tomorrow) we've also had several days of near 40-50 degree temps!

The second item we checked off was to build our own robot (#19 on the list). For that one I not only got several pictures but I also took a quick video of the robot really working! Let me start with saying I am in no way electronically (as in wiring things and making them work) inclined and I was able to follow the directions and have the robot work. Daddy did tighten a few things up for me afterwards.

This is what came in the kit. The kit itself cost around $20 at a local craft store in Jan. 2013. For some reason we just hadn't gotten around to doing it over the past year or so, and honestly it was one of the gifts that ECJ had bought himself with a gift card. No, you are not imagining it ... those are a bunch of itty bitty pieces right there spread on that table. It was a little intimidating to start with.

For the beginning assembly of it we didn't take many pictures. Mommy was too busy concentrating and all of the children were very curious about how it went together. After a billion few times of my saying, "Don't touch that, put that down, I'm not sure what that is!!!" We were finally ready for the campers to get to work helping out. (I just did the base and motor part really.) So, Peanut put on the googly eyes and YCJ put the foam buffer on the brush and slide it in place.

ECJ put the finishing touches on it by installing the little red paint brush looking thing on the back end of the robot like a tail. I wasn't sure what this part was for until I fully read the directions. Depending on tilt and direction of that little red brush will make the robot go forwards, backwards, right, and left! Pretty cool.

So, this is what our finished little buggy eyed sweeper robot looks like up close. Yup, he's that small. Not sure why we're saying he's a "he" but that's what he is.

And here's a video on him actually working!

A few things we're currently working on for the bucket list include:
* Mommy's, ECJ's, YCJ's, and Peanut's projects (Daddy already finished his)
* Still saying our rosaries daily
* Finishing up our book for this "month" (we did manage to read the other two)
* We're still doing Mailbox Mondays

A few things we're having to take off of the list include:
* Remodeling and partially remodeling two of the campers rooms (budget cuts for the time being)
* Begin seeds indoors for outdoor garden (winter is still hanging too tough for this to be a good idea just yet)

That leaves 5 items on the list that we haven't started yet with the first day of spring being just about 9 days in which to do them and finish the ones that we've started (have been doing). I think that's plenty enough time to complete them. Yes, not doing the three things I had to take off of the list is OK ... remember this is supposed to be fun and not something you feel you "have" to do!

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