Monday, March 24, 2014

Cozy Menu Plan

This week Daddy and I are splitting the cooking up pretty evenly. For the nights that Daddy's cooking I'm putting a (D) for the nights that I'm cooking I'll put a (M). Our menu plan is simple but has a lot of our favorite meals in it.

Sunday - Breakfast for supper: eggs, turkey bacon, biscuits, and hash browns (M)
Monday - Cabbage soup done in the crock pot and garlic bread (D)
Tuesday - Beef stroganoff  in crock pot (M)
Wednesday - Meatloaf with ground chicken/pork (D)
Thursday - Homemade chicken quasadillas (M)
Friday - Cod fillets, fish sticks, and fried potatoes (M)
Saturday - Leftover buffet

I love using the crock pot to cook and it's fun having two right now that way if there's a lot of the one meal still I don't have to transfer everything over to another container if I want to make another meal. Chances are we'll eat cabbage soup for lunch on Tuesday as well so it won't hurt a thing to keep it on low overnight Monday. This makes our beginning of the week very easy as well as nice and warming since we have a cold front projected all the way until Thursday (if you call being in the low 40s a warm up like we do).

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