Tuesday, March 18, 2014

10 Reasons I'm Ready for Spring

OK, so winter hasn't officially ended. And even when it does (Come on Thursday, first day of spring!) many of us can't expect warm spring type weather. Everyone I know has talked/blogged about weather at least once this winter because it was simply horrible everywhere and I'm sure I'm not the only one ready for spring. Here are some of the reasons that I personally (not my kids) am ready for spring:

1. I need more outside time for myself. Every person who reads my blog knows that we took on the 1000 Hours Outside challenge this year as a family. And most of you know that we're pretty far behind our goal for this time of year. BUT, I'm talking about my evening walks. The ones that happen after, or as, the children are going to bed that I take by myself. The ones where I'm out walking for the sheer pleasure of walking and not herding together campers as I go. The peaceful quiet of solitude in the quiet night while I burn off my excess energy (yes, I do have some which is why I'm up most nights until 2 AM even now that the kids are all mostly asleep by 9 PM). I begin these as soon as the nights are at least 40* F.

2. Classes outside. OK, so my kids enjoy these too. But, my favorite thing about warmer weather is the fact that we can take our lessons outside. I enjoy the wonder of learning while the sun is shining down on my head, while we're not confined within four walls due to weather, and where if we get loud I don't care and I don't get annoyed.

3. Daddy will BBQ more! Most years Daddy BBQ's all year round but with the Polar Vortexes (yes, we had two occurrences of that horror) Daddy was unable to BBQ at all this winter. I don't BBQ so those nights that he does I don't have to cook at all. And there's something to be said about a night of BBQ and relaxation that just goes together.

4. Flowers. I miss flowers. I have never been able to keep something that flowers growing all winter long. I am ready for the bright bursts, and muted tones, of flowers growing outside. Even though they bring bees, of which I am allergic to, they're a wonderful part of this world.

5. Green! Lord, I never thought I could miss green so much. Not the green of evergreen and pine trees. But green green grass. That wonderful springy substance that I still love to go barefoot through even at my age.

6. Flip flops outside of the house. I wear my flip flops and sandals out wearing them all year round but in winter I can only wear them in the house. I am so ready to paint my toenails (probably orange) and let them be seen with my flip flops and sandals. I am simply not a tennis shoe or boot person.

7. Skirts and dresses! OK, so I wear these most of the year anyways. But, with the warm weather I can actually wear them every day if I choose! Temperatures that reach the negatives are NOT conductive to skirt and dress wearing! I have a whole lot of my skirts that I'm dreaming of wearing. Yes, I know my dreams are simple.

8. Kids who actually want to play outside for more than five minutes at a time! With warm weather comes children who skedaddle out the door and want to be out there almost all day long. Giving me breaks here and there while I'm inside and they're outside. I spend a good deal of time outside with them but on those times that I am inside I enjoy the peace and quiet of only adults.

9. Easter! I enjoy Easter for so many reasons. There are the Biblical reasons of course. But coloring eggs (please don't buy the precolored ones in the stores it so much fun to color your own), Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, even the Easter bunny are all parts of Easter that I simply cannot do without. We've signed up for an egg hunt at our local library and it kind of made me sad this year since ECJ is a year too old to participate, they grow up so quickly. We always have our own egg hunt Easter morning after mass (sometimes this means Easter afternoon the egg hunt happens). Often we go to Grandma's house for mass, the egg hunt, and supper which is often a wonderful time. Little children all dressed in their Easter best and trying to use their manners. Puts a smile on my face just thinking about it.

10. Sunshine and spring rains. I know it's sort of goofy to put these together but I love a wonderfully sunshiny day that ends with a soft sprinkle of spring rain, perhaps even a rainbow. I love dancing in spring rain even at my age and make a point to do it with my kids at least once a year. Getting soaked is all part of the fun of letting loose and enjoying nature.

Well, I could probably go on like this for several more items. But, you get the idea. I am ready for the snow and cold weather to be gone. Ready for all the wonders that come as the world renews itself. Ready to get out and get more active.

What about you? Do you have a springtime list you want to share? Have you linked up with List It {Tuesdays}? Not a blogger? Share what you're looking forward to with spring in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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