Sunday, March 16, 2014

OH! It Feels Like Spring!

OK, so it didn't feel like spring all week long but for most of the week! Five days this week were over 35 degrees F! Four of them were 40 degrees or warmer! We did have a blizzard on Wednesday and some freezing temps on Thursday but they're gone now and I'm even seeing green on the ground!!!

We were able to get an hour of play time/walk time on Monday and another hour long walk on Tuesday. Which was actually really invigorating because although the sun was bright and the temperatures mild the breeze was chilly. It took very little time to see a lot of smiles both days.

Wednesday we had our blizzard and Thursday it was chilly but Noni came out and we made a quick run to the Dollar Tree (which isn't just Mommy's favorite store by the way). And we did an hour walk with Noni while we shivered a bit.

Friday morning dawned with very hyper children, temperatures again calling for wonderful time outside, and Mommy needing to get outside just as badly as the children. We started with a walk where of course the children had to jump in a few puddles...

And then the campers played outside for several more hours. Getting a few last sleds down the now much diminished "mountain"...

And then getting the bubbles out for some "almost" spring-time fun... As you can tell ECJ much prefers to swing the bubble wand in circles than to simply blow bubbles. All week long the campers were amazed that even though they were out and playing in the rapidly melting snow they weren't required to wear their snow pants or gloves.

By the time they came in Friday evening fingers were slightly red from throwing snowballs, toes were pinkish from having snow melt around their socks, and every face was smiling. We're a few days away from spring and these campers are ready for winter to be finished (even if the snow isn't all the way gone). All in all we got another 7 hours outside this week! A wonderful amount of time that we've hardly managed any week at all this winter due to those goofy Polar Vortex's.

It brings our grand total of outside time for the year to 171.5 hours. About 330 hours short of our mid-year goal of 500 hours. But the temperatures are rising, the sun is out longer, and we'll be outside more and more as each day passes. We'll hit our goal of 1000 Hours Outside before our "year" ends in September. It means a lot of time outside this spring and summer but we planned on doing that anyways. Maybe even some rainy day walks are in our future. 

It may not be spring yet but moods are much improved with even a few more sun shiny hours in our lives each week. It won't be long now before there's a smiling face on each child and Mommy and Daddy aren't pulling their hair out due to the insanity of children locked inside due to harsh weather.

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