Friday, July 11, 2014

VBS and Always on the Go

This week we actually stayed on schedule, despite a few surprises thrown our way.

Monday was the first day of Vacation Bible School! YCJ and Peanut were nervous but ended up having a blast (of course). While they were over doing that ECJ and I were hanging out at the library next door. We'd spent the morning doing lessons and playing a bit outside, then up to VBS and back... Late suppers were the rule not the exception the first four weekdays this week. Monday was also the day I passed out a few new school supplies, nothing fabulous just things we'd run out of or low on. But, the reaction of the kids was priceless when they got new dry erase markers, crayons, and pencils. ECJ was also given a new compass and protractor since his other one had broken.

Tuesday looked a whole lot like Monday. Lessons in the morning, then play time, then Vacation Bible School. The girls were having a blast learning new songs, dance moves, signs, and learning more about God. ECJ was pleased as punch to be relaxing with me in the library. The above pictures were snapped on our walk up at about 4:45 PM.

On Wednesday morning we went down to Grandma and Papa's house to welcome Grandma back from Texas. To our surprise and delight our two seldom seen campers were also at Grandma's house! The children enjoyed playing with their brother and sister while the adults enjoyed a nice visit. We left in time to get back for VBS and ECJ joined in with the girls! Daddy and I took the opportunity to eat out as an early celebration of our 7th wedding anniversary coming up on Monday. Afterwards we grabbed some fast food for the campers and went out scrapping. The children have always enjoyed going along while Daddy scraps and so they got to stay up pretty late that night. Daddy was also pretty creative when it came to getting that first load of scrap back to the house before we went back out. Yes, that is a BBQ on top of the truck and another strapped to the back resting on our hitch!

Thursday we pretty much repeated Monday and Tuesday. Peanut finally finished her beginning books for Sesame Street and got her certificate. She wanted to begin right away on the next books so we pulled out Curious George. She's still working through McGuffey's Primer as well. Before VBS all three campers took some computer time and during VBS Daddy and I did a quick scrap run.

And so now it is Friday and we spent a good deal of the day outside simply walking back and forth to the library and a few other stops. It was Freaky Science Friday at our library today (there will be two more of those this month) and the children had a blast learning more about static electricity, vibrations, charges, and centrifugal force! It was a fun packed half an hour! Daddy is down at Grandma and Papa's house visiting with Buddy and Baby Girl before they go home tomorrow morning, so Daddy won't be home until later tomorrow. We'll be spending the rest of the evening having a water balloon fight, eating TV dinners (another treat around here), watching NetFlix and just plain hanging out!

We'll be duplicating a few of the science experiments that we did at the library again next month as the children really enjoyed them. So, look for a post about mid-August on simple science experiments that costs little to do and are fun for all ages.

Can anyone identify these fungi?  These were found growing in our yard and I attempted to take the best pictures possible but cannot identify these fungi.
Trying to show the underside of the mushrooms

Top down picture

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  1. It sounds like you all had another fun filled week of activities! I am amazed that it looks like you live in such a rural area yet you can walk to the library and VBS! I also didn't realize that there were other campers in your family! I hope you all had a wonderful time together!

    1. We live about an hour to an hour and a half (depending on if we take the wagon or not for Peanut) walking from the library or VBS (or our church). Riding bikes takes far less time and the car only takes about 10 minutes at most usually. But, we've got farmer's fields right next to us and are at the outskirts of town. The kids and I love walking. We'd ride our bikes more often but Peanut simply doesn't have the stamina for that type of bike ride yet. I enjoy being within our walking areas (not everyone walks as much as we do) and yet still look out of our side door and see fields and deer all the time. It makes life far more relaxing to us :-)