Saturday, July 26, 2014

Average Week, Though We're Not

All in all it's been a pretty average week. Which is completely at odds with our family in general since we're anything BUT average...

Over the weekend we had some interesting things happen... Science happened with the children creating their own habitat "competition":
ECJ's arctic habitat... the polar bear mysteriously vanished...

1 of the girl's habitat's this one is a waterfall, stream in the middle of a forest

2nd of the girls habitats which is a field with a nice sized pond
The best thing about this competition is that they came up with it on their own, YCJ spending several hours teaching Peanut all about habitats and what needs to be in one for animals to survive. They may not have depicted everything but they narrated what was there but unseen for the animals!

Peanut quietly made a mess while "fixing" her dolls hair (with permission from Mommy) with scissors, I
turned around a few minutes later and this is what I saw :-)

YCJ's solution to being unable to find the doll's clothing ... "No one walks around nekkid in this house!" she said.
And we had a wonderful field trip on Monday which you can read all about here .

Tuesday morning we relaxed around the house and played outside before Peanut's doctor appointment to check up on how her ear infection was doing. There's a scab over her ear drum which requires drops in her ear and we go back again next week. She seems to be doing just fine though. While she was at her doctor I ran next door to the hospital and had my blood work done for the surgery I have coming up. They had me in and out of there very quickly and I was able to catch the tail end of Peanut's appointment. Right after we got home the children went back outside to play. That night they decided to have a raspberry war in my kitchen, living room, and hallway! Needless to say there were 3 campers who learned the value of cleaning up your own messes.

Wednesday was a normal day of summer lessons for us. We began shortly before noon and ended well before 2:30 and threw in some history read alouds afterwards. The temperature had dropped almost 20* overnight and the children actually got chilled! It was a fight but I did end up getting them outside for a few hours while I worked on filling out more of my Teacher's Planner (not an affiliate link though I am affiliated with this product and am very happy with it!). Cotton in the ear kept the wind out of Peanut's ear infection. And that night my internet went pft... We tried tech support over the phone and then had them agree to send a tech the next day...

Thursday we did some more lessons and spent a good deal of time outside. I spent several hours waiting for the tech to show up and he never did. Nor did he ever call. By the time I was put through the right channels on the phone they had to make me another appointment for Friday evening!!

Friday showed up and due to the fact that the tech wasn't due until sometime between 4 and 6 PM we were able to go up to the library for the last Freaky Science Friday at 1 PM. We decided to take the day off of lessons and do them sometime over the weekend because it's supposed to rain all weekend pretty much. There were balloon races during the science show, refraction and reflection with water and drawings, and cork bottle rockets (which were done outside). The children enjoyed it all as well as the pop cycles that were passed out. To do the cork bottle rockets you need a pop bottle filled about halfway with vinegar, baking soda wrapped in some toilet paper, and a cork. You drop your baking soda package into the bottle, cap it with the cork, give it a little shake, and stand way back when you put it down quickly. It's pretty cool actually. The tech did show up (though a little late) and was able to restore the internet at the house this evening.

And so now it's Saturday and though the morning was filled with rain this afternoon it's nice and sunny. So, the children are once again outside having chosen to do their lessons from Friday tomorrow afternoon sometime. This is perfectly fine with me as it's given me a chance to finish up this post.

Posts you may have missed this week: The only one written this week is the one for Monday which has the link provided above.

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  1. I love when kids come up with their own educational activities! Glad you got in a lot of outside time too! Has the ear infection affected Peanut's hearing at all? I certainly hope not! Freaky Science at the library sounds like a lot of fun too! Good luck and prayers for your upcoming surgery. Keep us posted!

    1. I completely enjoy when they do their own educational activities as well. The girls even continued making more habitats well into the week. I love all the outside time and am hoping to get a TON more before Michigan decides to have snow again (*shiver*). Peanut seems to be hearing just fine and I'm praying there's no permanent damage done to the ear drum, we'll know more Wednesday coming up though she seems to be doing just fine. I wish they'd continue with more Science at the library as it really is a lot of fun and the young lady and her mother who do it really enjoy showing the children new things.

      Thank you for the prayers for my surgery. I'll be sure to keep all of you posted though the weekly wrap up that week may simply be a post saying "I survived ... ouch" LOL

  2. I hate when repair companies don't show up! Grr... Glad you had a good week.

    1. Companies not showing up is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves actually. I was a bear to be around all day Thursday and grumpy Friday. My poor husband and children had to deal with a very cranky me. We did end up with an upgraded modem and a $20 credit to our account. Since I had purchased the modem myself we're not renting the new one either (which is pretty unheard of but I'm very grateful).

      It did end up being a fabulous week ... though I continue to find more raspberry stains in odd places (like the top of Peanut's door lol)

  3. Great job with those habitats! I love the educational use of the LPS figures. Gotta remember that.

    1. :-) I was impressed myself. And when I questioned why there were so many cats in the field they informed me that the cats were feral and ate the rodents and birds in the field. I was very nearly floored. I think I realized just then that they're actually listening to me