Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lesson Planning

*This post contains an affiliate link through a third party site where you can purchase products.*

A few weeks ago I won a free copy of a homeschool planner made by Renee over at Great Peace Academy and I've been in love with it ever since! As a matter of fact if you click that link I provided it will take you right to the planner's order page! 

I printed off the first several pages, minus a few of the note pages simply because I don't need that many right now, through the end of July the very minute I got it. I'd have printed more off at the time except for the fact that the campers seem to think that my printer paper is the perfect paper to draw on and I ran out of paper!! I'd also recently bought a nice 3" binder full of page protectors at a local garage sale for a dollar and figured that it would be perfect to use for the planner. This way I could shuffle things around, keep the pages clean, and if I needed to reprint a sheet or two due to some total mess up on my part I'd be able to do so without feeling as though I'd really messed up (which happens when I have spiral bound books and I have more white out on the page than ink). The blue pocket binder folder was also inside of the binder when I bought it. I use it to store our grade book and some extra pages I have made out for each child.
As you can see I do not write every little thing down on the pages within the teacher's
planner that I plan for the children to do each day. I put that information on their own
lesson sheets (not in this planner).
OK... so... we all know that a planner is pretty much a must if you are going to be doing any type of lesson planning. No matter if you buy one at the store, buy the one from Great Peace Academy , print off separate sheets each week for the children, or any other way you choose to do it. Most homeschool parents I know like to keep a record of their lesson plans, they like them to be appealing to the eye, and they like them to encompass as many of their needs as possible.

This planner does that.

I'll be printing off more pages going into July (at the moment I have paper but no color ink and this planner is too pretty not to be in color). Now, to stop rambling...

Let's see how I've laid this all out shall we?
Right behind the blue binder pocket folder I have the year calender and the Title page...

then I spread out the calender for the month of July so that I could check it at a glance...
and behind that are the weekly lesson plans (this one is before I filled it all out for this week).
Every page of this planner is beautiful, even the pages for your extra notes. There's pages for advanced classes, field trips, reading logs, you name it and this planner has it. Everything that a homeschool (and possibly other school) teacher would ever need is right there at your finger tips! It's colorful and makes you want to put that pen to paper.

I wouldn't be an affiliate with this if I didn't like it and think that others would like it as well. When I won this planner it wasn't with the assumption from Renee that I'd join her affiliate program, she didn't ask that I write a review, I just did it. Why? Look at the planner! The price is a steal and it is a pleasure to use! You could put it in a three ring binder or go ahead and get it bound at your local office store. Either way you're sure to enjoy using it.

Read my testimonial, and those of others, on this planner by following this link (this link goes straight to her page and is NOT my affiliate link to her product). Buy it from either place, going through the affiliate links at the top of this post will allow you to help fund my growing spending on curriculum and supplies. Buying directly from her link in this paragraph bypasses me entirely. It's up to you! But, at less than $4 for a beautiful product you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not purchasing this planner.

Also, just a quick apology for those of you who were awaiting this post on Wednesday. We went to welcome Grandma home from Texas and were surprised to find out the two campers we don't see very often were at her house. So, this post is a day late ... But, this Mamma is still very happy. :-)

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