Friday, July 18, 2014

Bleeding Ears and Reading

What a title for a weekly wrap up eh? Here's the thing, we planned on doctors and library time... We did NOT plan for a bleeding ear!

Monday was Daddy and mine 7th wedding anniversary. We'd gone out to dinner last week to celebrate so we were happy to be low key all day long. Well, Daddy fixed a strap holding up the gas tank on the vehicle and I fought my funk all day since I didn't feel like doing much of anything. We ended up with a late supper of breakfast and while I was making it Peanut began screaming and crying that her ear hurt. Tylenol, cuddles, supper, and then some of her prescription Naproxin and she settled down very well (she'd also had her regular migraine medicine). We didn't see any evidence of an ear infection but we planned on calling the doctor in the morning. Daddy had promised her we'd watch Netflix during the worst of her pain and so we did after supper. She was pretty relaxed during the half hour show and when I went to smooth her hair back it stuck to her face. Curious I looked at the side of her head only to find her ear was bleeding! Quickly we dropped the Cracker Jack's off at the neighbors house and raced to the hospital. They had us in and out of there within an hour with a verdict of a bad inner ear infection that we weren't aware of because she hadn't been complaining of pain. The entire time we were there she was comparing her visit to Curious George's visit to the hospital and was a real trooper. So now she's on antibiotics and pain medicine to clear it up. The blood had come from the pressure behind the eardrum perforating the eardrum slightly at the top and releasing a bloody discharge. Completely freaked us out but we're glad it wasn't something far worse.

Tuesday we were all still attempting to get back to normal. With Peanut under doctor's orders not to be outside if it was too windy we decided to stay inside and do some quiet reading for our library reading summer challenges and watch some Netflix together while Daddy took our other neighbor on some errands that had to be run. Once Daddy was home the children watched some movies from the neighbor the Cracker Jack's had hung out with and relaxed the rest of the evening. As you can tell it was a pajama day in our house as I really wanted everyone to relax the whole day long. I also scheduled a follow up visit with the doctor for Peanut next Tuesday.

Wednesday started out pretty well. We woke up, I made some fresh chocolate chip muffins for breakfast, we drank some juice. Then... the water shut off! Seems as though a water main break near where we live busted and they're attempting to get it fixed today. Meanwhile somewhere around 100 houses around us were without water! Plus, I needed a shower before my doctor appointment at 3 PM. I sat and prayed that the water would be on before 2 PM so that I could squeeze that shower in right before I left. Well, that didn't happen. But the water was back on by the time we got home after 5 PM and we were able to make supper. I did finally get my shower. ECJ also spent the night at the neighbor's house with one of the grandson's who's a friend.

Thursday we hung around the house pretty much the whole day. Daddy ran the neighbor on an errand and his grandson visited with us for a time. I spent the majority of the time this week while inside crocheting bits and bobs for either orders or stitch alongs and competitions. There's some more orders to get finished while more are coming in and of course I keep coming up with more ideas to do other things for the craft fairs and such. Peanut's ear is much on the mend now and she's running around telling us all what to do. 

As for today (Friday) I expect we'll be doing pretty much the same as we did most of the week. The weather has been unseasonably cool all week long and with Peanut's ear infection we didn't want to chance the mix of cool and wind outside too much. We will be making our way up to the library sometime today. More crochet will happen. 

As you can tell it was a completely relaxed week. I was at loose ends for most of the week with no lessons to be done. Sometime over the weekend I'll plan out the next two weeks worth of lessons and then we'll have another week off. We may actually end up with more like two weeks off. I've had my surgery scheduled for my partial hysterectomy for the 5th of next month. I'll have lesson plans ready but they're sure to be pretty light. The Cracker Jack's will be reviewing for their end of the year test and Peanut will be finishing up her alphabet review and spending most of next month on phonics, sight words, and math.

I didn't take many pictures this week as really there wasn't much to document in photos. I did finish one of my orders up completely and will include a shot and short explanation of it here...

It's a baby cocoon and beanie for a baby due in October. The extra flower (not on the beanie) was one I'd made that was too big and so I added a pin onto the back in case Mommy wants to add it to the diaper bag or some such. The small pink headband was something I was fiddling around with and decided to toss. The woman who ordered it was thrilled with it and it will be shipped out in short order.

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  1. LOVE the baby cocoon! And yes, a bleeding ear would be scary; glad it was nothing more serious.

  2. I'm glad you like the cocoon :-) Believe it or not it was the first one I've ever made. I've always done blankets and clothing for babies but never a cocoon. We're very glad it was nothing more serious than an ear infection. She'd fallen the night before from what we thought was the chair but only found out in the ER (when she announced it) that she'd fallen off of the kitchen table. I had horrid things going through my mind at that point.

  3. Oh so sorry about the ear infection. I hope she's feeling better now. That would have freaked me out too! The baby cocoon and accessories are so adorable. I'll be praying for a safe and speedy recovery from your upcoming surgery!

    1. Peanut's tough. She's bounced back and then some and insisted on cotton in her ear so she could be outside quiet a bit even with the chillier than normal air. I was really pleased with how the baby stuff turned out, thank you so much for the compliment on them. I appreciate the prayers too... it's been a decision long in the making as it could have taken place 3 years ago and I only now have come to grips with it.

  4. We've done the ER trip on an anniversary as well. I am glad that it wasn't serious especially after the kitchen table announcement. I will also pray for you on your upcoming surgery.

    1. Thanks for the prayers Chris. I seem to be one of those people that can't stand being in bed no matter how "good" it's supposed to be for me. On bed rest with YCJ I painted most of our house and laid peel and stick tiling in our kitchen and hallway (wasn't supposed to do any of that). After the C-section with Peanut I was up and about the day after telling them to take the silly circulation things off of my legs and I'd handle keeping clots away myself. Now the doctors tell me I need 1 week of no lifting, hardly any walking, and mainly staying in bed ... probably not going to happen. Another four weeks after that of no lifting more than a milk jug, limited walking, and a lot of resting.... yeah, that's probably not going to happen either. I love to read and crochet but I can't sit still as much as doctor's want me to lol. We were really freaked out that she may have blood on her brain or another terrible problem due to the fall ... I'd never had a child whose ear bled due to infection, especially when the days leading up to it she didn't complain of her ear hurting. Turns out it was a horrible coincidence that she'd fallen and then the infection ruptured her eardrum the next night. I swear I aged ten years LOL