Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our weekend...

Just had to show off what we did this weekend. It was nothing special, just an overnight stay at Grandma and Papa's house and a few visits to the park. Saturday started out with an eye doctor appointment for Peanut but ended on a high note. But, it sure was a blast!!! BB and BS (Big Bro and Big Sis) were at Grandma's this weekend and that meant an inpromtu get together was in order! Auntie showed up with her four girls and everyone was having a blast!
Grandma's kitchen sure does get full when you put 9 kids in it!
 Grandma's house is pretty big but her yard is even bigger and it was a beautiful day so everyone scooted outside for tag and other fun imaginative games! No one got hurt and everyone played fair, it was a good day! By the way, those kids range from ages 13 to age 1!

 After the cousins left BS snuggled Peanut for this cute picture and then everyone piled up on Daddy on the love-seat for a quick pic. All those happy smiling faces! Then it was off to the park for bike rides and playground time.
YCJ sure is serious when she's trying to go fast!

BS had a grand time riding Grandma's 40 year old bike!

Hard to believe that these two boys are only two years apart in age!!!

Peanut was not to be undone when it came to riding bikes.
 Everyone rode around the basketball courts at the neighborhood park down the street. And the two boys almost didn't seperate the whole time!!

We migrated to another playground (this one is on the other side of the local public school) for the cute shot you see below. Don't worry, Daddy had his feet firmly on the ground.

By Saturday evening Peanut had learned to ride "one-handed" just like the big kids and we're all super proud of her! (There she goes chanting "One-handed, one-handed, oh yeah, one-handed!")

We ended Saturday by watching a couple of movies and then heading off for bed. After church on Sunday we all went to the local diner for lunch and just had time before everyone had to leave to snap the picture below. One big happy family.

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