Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our Classroom Home

So, this week is "Student Photo Week" at the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop on and I've decided to participate. We do not have a homeschool classroom per say, our whole home is our classroom as well as the whole outdoors. We do have learning "stations" in the home, but it's more a wherever things are most comfortable and what works for the kids best.

*Please excuse the state of some of the rooms, we are in the process of remodelling our home.*

This is our dining room table where we meet each morning. Breakfast, religion, morning binders, bible study, English, and Arithmetic are all done here. Although, once we move on to our core lessons the Elder Cracker Jack moves into his room for the privacy and so that he doesn't disturb his sisters (he has ADHD and moves around a lot while doing his work). Behind the one chair you can just see the top of one of our boxes of craft supplies, it's resting on three built in drawers that are in an alcove behind the table. Those drawers hold most of our text books and supplies. Eventually there will be a couple built in book shelves there, a cupboard, and a television shelf.
This is the Elder Cracker Jack's desk nook, it's built into a corner of his room. The old television there is not plugged in but is helping to block a window facing into our screened in front porch.Those books under his desk are mostly part of my collection of fiction novels, I just haven't moved them out from under there yet. The little green desk lamp is a Michigan State Spartin's desk lamp, it's his favorite college. He plans on going to State if he chooses not to become a preacher, he also follows all their sports. This is where he does most of his school work and some of his reading. Most of his reading he usually does laying on his bed, but he asked me not to share a picture of that.
The dining room and kitchen are ajoined, and this works well at lunch because at least twice a week the Cracker Jack's make everyone lunch and I can supervise everyone from a central location. We also eat lunch at the dining room table and it makes it easier for me to quiz the Elder Cracker Jack on his lessons if I'm straightening up the kitchen while he's eating lunch there.
This is our screened in front porch.
This is where we do most of our art projects during good weather, also the girls do a lot of their history and science work here. Of course we're in Michigan right now so soon the good weather will be gone for a while and those three subjects will once again be done mostly at our dining room table. We do have a third small yellow chair that the Elder Cracker Jack brings in when he choses to join the girls. And as you can see we sometimes have a few tools in the area when it's not being used. We tend to use this more in the afternoon than at any other time.

This is my desk, which is right in the living room that touches both the dining and kitchen. The Elder Cracker Jack is working on his typing by talking to long distance family members on the computer while the girls are visiting with the family bird (Fancy Bird). Usually the computer is just my area, it's where I do some work and keep most of our files, grade books, and lesson plans. However, sometimes one of the Cracker Jack's will ask permission to watch or do something online and a couple times a week Peanut uses the computer for her pre-school learning games.
This is the view from our sliding glass door. With this for inspiration we take a lot of nature walks to see what we can find, if we can track a deer, and to just enjoy nature. But, the field that deer is in is currently in full bloom just now so we don't walk through there out of respect for the neighbor farmer. We see these beauties a couple of times a day there's a whole herd of them that like that field.
We do "school" just about everywhere we go. If we're traveling, camping, visiting family. Each day holds something new to learn.

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