Monday, August 19, 2013

Just a fun day...

Today we all just had a fun day. One of our close family friends came over with her children and we all went down to the community pool. We've been waiting most of the summer for them to finish the remodel of the pool, it was original to our little community so that made it about as old as I am. The concrete bottom and edges had been crumbling. The contractors did a beautiful job, but took much longer than expected and the county took a couple weeks to approve the finished product. But now it's done and open, the weather has warmed back up, and it was time to get our toes wet.

Here's the Elder Cracker Jack and one of the J's horsing around in the brand new re-finished pool. I believe the J had just splashed ECJ's back with that freezing cold water! They spent most of the time we were there goofing around with each other. And, indeed, palled around almost the whole day.

And the Younger Cracker Jack was just getting into the pool for the first time this afternoon, I don't believe she was entirely sure she was going to enjoy an afternoon at the pool, she was excited about it but she still can't swim and so is very unsure of herself. Or it may have been the cold water temperature, it was in the mid 80s today but it's been chilly for over a week.

Peanut really REALLY didn't like the idea of getting into the cold water and the glare off of the water wasn't helping her see one little bit. She did eventually get in, and even get off of the steps. I am very proud of her for having found out that she can touch the bottom of the pool (securely holding on to both the rail and either mommy's hand or Aunt J's).

One of the J boys warming up after a quick dip in the pool. And because he did it...

After a few hours swimming and splashing at the pool we all came back to the house for snacks and to ride bikes, skateboards, and the like. After a while three of the children went inside while the Younger Cracker Jack and one of the J's went into the side yard and built this wonderful nest out of dried and fresh grass. Aunt J made the comment about it being a wonderful example of un-schooling. Neither of us un-school our children, I homeschool and her children are switching from a charter school to public this year, but we had been talking about un-schooling earlier in the day and imaginations and this is a perfect example of both.

This was a wonderful and imaginative day. The adults got to spend a great couple of hours socializing which we do not get to do enough as we're usually so caught up in every day life that things seem to just slip by. The children spent some time with some of their best friends doing some of the things they love. Tonight I know for sure that at least three out of the five children present today (one of the J boys is camping with his Papa) are sleeping well ... The Elder Cracker Jack went to bed late tonight because he snuck a few extra minutes of TV time with Dad after his sisters went to bed.

If you'd like to read more about the J boys you can look them up at "Aunt J's" blog at:

** "Aunt J" is part of the name my kids call my friend so I chose to use this abbreviation here in my blog. The use of the "J boys" is a play on how she name's her boys in her blog posts.*

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