Monday, August 26, 2013

A Day in Our Life

This week for the Not-Back-to-School blog hop (the final week for this particular blog hop by the way) the assignment is "A day in the life". I took that to mean a post about our day unscripted, unedited, with candid photos even if they weren't the most flattering. We're not in the full swing of our lessons yet as we're easing back into it after our "some-what" summer break (we only do "review" work, book reports, religion, and life lessons for about five weeks out of the summer ... 45 weeks of "full" schooling a year).

This week is a very relaxed week for our family, we start our new grade levels the first week of September and these last few weeks of August we usually do some worksheets, maybe some workbook work, and computer time. Today was a PJ day for the kiddos, tomorrow we'll go to the pool, the rest of the week we'll pretty much play by ear.

I was going to make breakfast this morning (I try to a couple of times a week) but the kids unanimously asked for pop-tarts ... not something we usually go for but what the heck? 

 They are not at their most photogenic first thing in the morning. ECJ was the only one even remotely interested in glancing at the camera. 
Doggy breakfast???

After breakfast it was time to get some chores done. This morning the Cracker Jack's didn't have to straighten up their rooms because they were actually clean...
So, they helped Peanut clean up her room. I swear, we didn't let her play with an atom bomb last night.
Meanwhile, I made sure that Daddy and I had coffee. YCJ gathered up her little sister's laundry to take to the washing machine, and yeah she kinda looks that way every morning until she's been awake several hours. ECJ made sure to get Peanut's room organized before he came out to see what his Dad was doing.

After my first cup of coffee I swept up the floor. And then Peanut helped me give fresh water to Fancy bird.

 It was then computer time for everyone. No one had any set assignments today it was just to practice our Internet safety and have a little fun.

Each of them chose something different, which didn't surprise me. And interestingly enough Peanut ended up playing a counting game after which YCJ decided to play a spelling game. It's not often that ECJ is allowed to use his social media account and he took full advantage of it for the whole 20 minutes he had the computer.

ECJ chose to read his sisters Chicka Chicka Boom Boom after computer time.
This is really not the best shot but by this time Peanut had made a bit of a mess of her room again. 

ECJ making hazelnut spread sandwiches for lunch for everyone.

After lunch they all decided to do something different and apart from each other. YCJ worked on her crochet in her room for a little while and then asked to watch a movie quietly.
Peanut wanted to color a printout from
out in the living room.
While ECJ installed a new light switch in my bedroom under strict supervision of his Dad.

Later, ECJ snapped this picture of me preparing dinner for the family right before he fed the dogs their dinners...

And other than us eating dinner and getting ready for bed, 
this was our day. Pretty laid back and relaxed compared
to most days.

Next week will be different and the following week we'll be back to our regular scheduled programing folks. But this is a glimpse into our everyday life. Look into hour everyone else handles things by going to the blog hop ... or post something about you and your family and hop right in.


  1. Stopping by from the Not Back to School Blog Hop. Looks like a fun day, especially starting out with pop-tarts. Can't go wrong with a day taht starts like that. ;) Have a great year.

  2. So glad that you stopped by!! Yeah it was a pretty fun day even if it was too humid to go outside at all yesterday. ;)