Saturday, October 4, 2014

Week of Packing

OK, let me just start with packing a family of 5 people, 2 dogs, 2 birds, and a cat (found a home for the other cat) really is a pain in the neck of epic proportions! 

We began packing on Monday with some neighbor's help and while the women were inside the guys were outside building the sides onto our trailer we'll be moving with. The kids were in and out of the house. Everyone was productive and we got a TON done ... but I didn't take even a moment to snap a picture because we were trying to get things accomplished. I made supper for everyone and then we all went to bed exhausted.

Tuesday Noni came out around noon. But, other than children being sent to organize rooms, dishes, and laundry being done nothing else got accomplished. She came out and we visited, had lunch at a local diner, then visited some more. Tears in her eyes and mine when she left. It's only 10 hours away but that's 9.5 hours further than we are right now. There are plans in the works for a spring visit from her though and we're planning on coming back up at Christmas time. *No packing got done this day.* I made a chest blanket with super soft, super warm yarn for Daddy who often coughs through the night when the weather changes and went to sleep shortly after the children did.

So, you'd think having taken a day off we'd have been packing on Wednesday. Nope, Daddy and I were hurting. The children hadn't finished going through their rooms and spent a good part of the day doing that. I spent some time on the computer and then went to crochet. As you can tell, again I didn't pick up the camera.

Thursday we finished packing up 90% of the house... I didn't take pictures. I don't mind moving as I've done it a lot but it's always sad to leave a place you've been in for over a year. There's memories in every corner, in every item you pick up, in every single thing everywhere. I'm a pretty sentimental woman and sometimes packing is the worst thing ever for me. I get it done and we're always ready on time but there's moments when I never ever want to see another box or bag again. 

Friday we finished packing all but the kitchen, it looked like a tornado had put everything we own in the living room. Most of the kitchen was packed up as well. Coffee pot and a few dishes and pots were all that was left to pack. A visit to Grandma and Papa's house, supper at one of the Aunt's houses we never visit often enough, then back home to crash out.

What the weekend holds for us: Saturday we're packing the trailer up almost completely and getting a good night's rest. Last minute things will be packed Sunday morning into the trailer so that we can get to Grandma and Papa's around noon. We'll sleep there Sunday night and hit the road Monday morning sometime... I'll be updating via Facebook once we're actually on the road.

As you can probably tell from how this was written I'd planned to have this finished and posted by Friday evening ... it is now early Sunday morning. We're nearly finished with the packing (it's obviously taken longer than expected) and we're loading the trailer once the sun comes up. Still stopping the night at Grandma's house and hitting the road sometime after breakfast on Monday.

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  1. We will pray for your safe journey. When we moved it was a nightmare. We had so much stuff and not a big enough truck. Fortunately we were just moving into town so we ended up making three trips and being out a couple hour late. It is part of the reason for my minimizing.

  2. I didn't realize you were moving so soon! You just got the bedrooms and bathroom done too! I'm sure it will be a hard adjustment to be so far from Noni! I'll be praying that it won't be too difficult, though. Good luck and best wishes on your new home. It will be a grand adventure, I'm sure!