Thursday, October 2, 2014

An Odd Kinda Love

When I did our Q & A post last week one of my regular readers asked a question that I thought deserved it's own post. It's not so much homeschool related as relationship related.

How I met my husband:

   I have the oddest story to tell my grandchildren when I have some. My husband and I met when I was an assistant manager at a local pizza place near his mother's house and he was a customer coming in after I'd just clocked out. I decided to wait on him anyway because we were swamped with other orders and told him that he looked angry. To which he answered that he was simply tired. We bantered like this for a few minutes before his pizza was finished and I was walking out.

He chose to ask for my phone number, and I being single at the time wrote it down on his pizza box. Then he asked me my name, "Chrystal, what's yours?" He looked shocked and quickly answered. Then it was my turn to look shocked. I shared a name with his ex-wife and he shared a name with my ex-husband! At that point I figured I'd never hear from him again and went home to clean up from being at work.

A few days later he did call me and asked me out for a quick drink. We enjoyed ourselves but much to my dismay (at the time) he didn't even kiss me goodbye at the end of our "date".

We continued going out a bit here and there for a few months before we decided that this was something we wanted to explore more. Our joke then, as it remains now, is we'd had the names right but the people wrong and that sometimes God shows his humor through the lessons that we much learn.

About six months into our relationship he proposed to me with a rock he'd fished out of the water near Lake Huron (brrrr) that I'd thought was a shell. He got back up on the dock and in front of what felt like a million strangers he proposed to me. Of course, I had to say yes :-)

A few months later he gave me a ring. We stayed engaged for over four years before we finally set a date for the wedding. From the day we set the date until we walked down the isle we had exactly three months to get everything done!

We had my best friend's father (an ordained minister) marry us under an arch that my new sister-in-law had given us. My best friend walked me down the isle in place of my father. My Matron of Honor was one of my new sister-in-laws and my new husband's best man was his other sister. Our little niece (then about 2 years old) was our flower girl.

We had a pig roast and all the "fixin's" on our property where we held our wedding. The weather held all day and it was a beautifully perfect day as I look back (oh, there's some odd stuff that happened of course but we try not to think of those things).

We've now recently (July 14th) celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. My in laws celebrated their 42nd the week before. I wouldn't change a minute of our lives other than my husband having been so ill for so much of our married life.

But, God gave him to me and each day I see a new reason why. Each day I fall more and more in love with the man I married. Each day he falls more in love with me. 

God has a plan for each of us my friends... Just remember when he's teaching you those lessons that you really wish you'd never had to learn that God also has a sense of humor and one day you'll look back and realize it.

I could have made this story much longer. Much more details. And bored every single one of you to tears having to read it all. I hit the highlights up until our marriage...

Since that fateful day we met so many years ago we've had several more blessings:

We gained custody of my son from my first marriage (long story)
YCJ was born healthy and happy
Peanut was born a month and a half early (and yes, she has some health issues) but she survived and is the most cantankerous child you'll ever meet
He held me up when God took my Grandmother
We've made several moves and always made it safely
I've had many surgeries and always come out the other side OK
Dear husband has been severely ill, and yet is still with us 18 month into remission now from the worst of it
And the list can go on

People tell me all the time that for such a rocky life we've been blessed. I've always answered, "With God on our side, we're always blessed!"

May your relationships all be blessed and if you've been looking at things in a dark light look back to what the two of you once were, remember God has a plan, and keep stepping forward. Eventually, it'll all make sense.

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  1. You huys have been through so much and came through it on top and still in love! That's an accomplishment to cherish!

  2. Little does this girl know she committed a felony with my son esp. if she ever goes to read the court form signed that says "am forced".... time is almost up....