Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Is...

Every month at the beginning of the month I try to post a small list of a few things that are going on each month nationwide (world wide if I can find anything). I do try to keep it to things that a lesson could be made out of or just fun things the kiddos (or mom's) might be interested to know...
I just love this pin!

This month my "month long" item was the fact that it is ADHD Awareness Month this year. I knew this because ADHD is a big thing in our home, and in many other homes where I know or am acquainted with someone. I am pretty well-versed in the problems that arise with children who have ADHD. Elder Cracker Jack has ADHD. 

My monthly list is by no means all inclusive to what is going on each month. This month is also (one of the) Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I'm also intimately aware of this issue having had to deal with it personally though not in the magnitude that many others have...

I choose to mention it now just because it dawned on me earlier that without mentioning it then some people might not remember. There are mothers, and daughters, out there dealing with this at all ages and in every home where there is a younger lady this concern should be spoken about. Perhaps candidly between mother and daughter. Perhaps with doctors. A simple monthly exam alerted me to a problem a few years ago that if I had found a bit later may have been a much larger problem with a longer treatment diagnosis or resulted in a mastectomy.

This month is also Spina Bifida Awareness Month. A fact that I would not have known had I not found a wonderfully inspiring blog earlier this year. Our Busy Homeschool is just awesome in so many aspects of the word. I find strength in nearly every post she writes. I don't know anyone in the "real world" who has Spina Bifida personally, but for those of you who do I bless you and that person.

I'm sure there's still many things that I could add to my little monthly list for this month. But, I don't know everything and learn something new each day. If you know of something I miss feel free to add it into the comments or hop onto our Homeschool Camper Facebook page and drop me a line there. Information shared is a wonderful thing!

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