Monday, December 29, 2014

Our Goals for 2015

I could sit here and tell you that we accomplished all of our 2014 goals but we didn't since we forgot half of them...

As for 2015 it's safe to say we have a few goals... 

Home repairs/remodel:
We have at least two rooms to repair flooring. Three - four rooms to paint. Remodel entire back room (living room). And add another building to the property.

Finish current grade levels no later than the end of June. Cover pre-algebra with ECJ over the summer so he can begin algebra one in the fall. Look further into what methods and curriculum we'll be using next fall. And join at least one co op.

My crochet business:
I got a good start on it last year, the website and Facebook page are almost ready to go public. Need to increase both sales and stock. Do more craft fairs and get business cards made up.

Wants to grow 3 inches. Find part time work this summer.

Wants to improve music skill, reading, and crochet. Has plans on buying her own dog.

Wants to have her own diner with her easy bake oven food, where we pay for her food so she can buy more food kits. Says she's going to "master money".

I'm sure there's much more we could plan out... But, I'm happy with these (mainly) generalized goals... It makes at least part, of some of them achievable.

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